30 APR 2022

2:00 PM (SGT)
3:00 PM (KST)


DUDE (Eugene Soh) is no stranger to the world of virtuality. His recent AR Instagram filter inspired by the popular TV series Squid Game has reached over 2 billion impressions in 2 weeks worldwide. Whilst navigating pop culture, tech and digital realms, he runs Mind Palace, a non-profit enterprise dedicated to creating VR experiences for dementia. We are thrilled and proud that DUDE is our tech consultant behind Pluritopia Cloud Studios - the inaugural collaboration between National Arts Council Singapore (NAC) and Arts Council Korea (ARKO), envisioning artists' studios in the metaverse.

Join us for the first Pluritopia webinar series and fireside chat with the DUDE behind the world’s most viral IG filter, along with Pluriopia’s producer Spang & Lei. Listen to his dreams, hopes and fears of the metaverse. Uncover insights into how an artist’s obsession with virtuality began. Discover the digital interstices he resides between serious play and art. Finally, go behind the scene of imagining Pluritopia Cloud Studios.

Does DUDE Dream of Electric Sheep?
Date/Time: Sat, 30 April 2 PM SGT, 3 PM KST

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Pluritopia Cloud Studios Virtual Tour was LIVE on 22 January 2022 on Pluritopia Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel. During this Virtual Tour, visitors could walk, jump, and explore. They experienced the adventure of a lifetime with Pluritopia Cloud Studios.

In case you missed the Live Virtual Tour, you can watch the video below. Join the artists as they entered the metaverse and navigate each space, enjoy their creation, and be inspired by their creativity.

You can also dive into the artists’ worlds inside Pluritopia Cloud Studios and have fun experiencing art, tech in real-time, in the clouds. Join us in the metaverse and find your space in the clouds!

Learn about Pluritopia Cloud Studios at

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