Pluritopia Biennale MasterClass #2: How Can We Connect and Separate the Real and Virtual Worlds? – the Case of the Movement and the Art & Film Education Using VRChat | Funny Revenge (KOR)


Where is the boundary between gaming and education? With the advent of the new normal era, games previously perceived as a disease have emerged as a new means of education and communication.

This Masterclass talks about the process of conducting culture and art education using games in the Metaverse, along with examples of its existing application.

Explore cases and methods of connecting the real and virtual worlds through VRChat, “relationship formation” for education, and the concerns about “technical and cultural arts education.”

About the Instructor(s):

Founded in 2003, “Funny Revenge” is an organisation that plans and operates subculture-based festivals, exhibitions, and performances in Busan, Korea. Currently, they are opening cafes and creative spaces with artists and creating new villages with residents. With the advent of the pandemic and the subsequent new normal, they have expanded their domain to virtual space/metaverse and use it to experiment and operate various cultural, arts, and educational programs.

This masterclass is available via Zoom by registration only, so don't miss it! RSVP your spot now.


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