Pluritopia Biennale MasterClass #3: THE WEB (THE THIRD INSTALLMENT) | SerialCo_ (SG)


SerialCo_ stands as an intermediary between the natural world, society, and technology. As we stand in the midst of it, Web 3.0 shows how we can utilise and benefit from it.

Audience members will be taken on a quick tour around Web 3.0 topics: think who, what, when, why, and how. This is done to prepare you to interact with Web 3.0 seamlessly. So you won’t be entering the ring naked and afraid

About the Instructor(s):

SerialCo_ is a creative technology studio composed of digital natives that produce and develop art projects, products, and services. We believe that the future is collaborative and we aim to connect both the physical world and the Metaverse through phygital experiences and digital asset creation.

For more information on Serial Communication, visit

This masterclass is available via Zoom by registration only, so don't miss it! RSVP your spot


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