Pluritopia Biennale: Virtual Tours


Following the Launch Party, on 23-28 September, we will host a series of Cloud Studios Virtual Tours showcasing each of our talented artists from Singapore and Korea. Over five days, the audience can attend interactive live viewing of 20 artists and get a deeper understanding of their art on VRChat.

Delve deep into different art-tech worlds through our Virtual Tours, where you can indulge in many uniquely visionary perspectives. From virtual gardens to invisible cities, from immersive audio experience to visualized virtual smell, from spatial notes to the transcendental look at real-world buildings, and many other worlds to draw inspiration from, our artists’ creativity knows no limit.

Check out the lineup for the artists’ Open Studios Virtual Tour below:

Date Event Time Activity Venue RSVP
23 Sep 2022
Virtual Tour
Day 1
7PM - 8.20PM (SGT)/
8PM - 9.20PM (KST)
Open Studio #1 (SG): Jo Ho
Open Studio #2 (KOR): Gwangmin Hong, Honam Kim, Jiyun Kim, SeungCheol Kim
Open Studio #3 (SG): Debbie Ding
Open Studio #4 (KOR): Sungseok Ahn
24 Sep 2022
Virtual Tour
Day 2
7PM - 8.20PM (SGT)/
8PM - 9.20PM (KST)
Open Studio #5 (SG): Bryan Leow
Open Studio #6 (KOR): Tzusoo
Open Studio #7 (SG): Jake Tan
Open Studio #8 (KOR): JeongHo Park
25 Sep 2022
Virtual Tour
Day 3
2PM - 3.20PM (SGT)/
3PM - 4.20PM (KST)
Open Studio #9 (SG): Rachel Nip, Ammar Ameezy, Timothi Ellim
Open Studio #10 (KOR): Kira Kim
Open Studio #11 (SG): Spacetime
Open Studio #12 (KOR): Jinseung Jang
27 Sep 2022
Virtual Tour
Day 4
7PM - 8.20PM (SGT)/
8PM - 9.20PM (KST)
Open Studio #13 (SG): Ding Yi Music Company
Open Studio #14 (KOR): An Ga-young
Open Studio #15 (SG): Avik
Open Studio #16 (KOR): Kimberly Lee
28 Sep 2022
Virtual Tour
Day 5
7PM - 8.20PM (SGT)/
8PM - 9.20PM (KST)
Open Studio #17 (SG): Urich Lau
Open Studio #18 (KOR): Anna Kim (KCTI-GIST)
Open Studio #19 (SG): Goh Chun Aik
Open Studio #20 (KOR): nosestudio

Save these dates! Explore both Singapore and Korea through art and tech, and immerse yourself in the fascinating worlds of these talented artists. Only at Pluritopia Biennale.

Join us on VRChat and explore the worlds created by the artists.

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