Pluritopia Biennale Webinar: Honey, The Beta World Is Over Soon | Tzusoo (KOR)


Is the world in which we currently live the Beta World? 

In the webinar, TZUSOO envisions a near future in which all human souls will be uploaded to computers. This would make our world a test run for the subsequent, mature virtual world that will be populated by digitised (trans)human consciousness, AIs, cyborgs and avatars. She dreams of a space where various beings can coexist through her art that focuses on the queerness of human bodies, gender, and human rights in a virtualized future.

Join TZUSOO and the forward-looking exploration of ‘apocalyptic conceptions’ of utopia or dystopia in the coming digitised world.

About the Speaker:

TZUSOO is a well-known artist and music video director who collaborates with rising star musicians. Based in Berlin and Seoul, she is a symbol of a first-generation digital native that freely crosses the borders between traditional and popular art.

This webinar is available via VRChat by registration only. Don't miss it! RSVP your spot


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